¡Costa Rica!

A Family Vacation

Days 3 and 4 – Rain

It rains in Costa Rica, a lot.  I guess that’s why they call it a rain forest.

I intentionally booked this trip in two parts.  The first part is at a house on a lake in the rural part of the country with very little to do.  The idea was to give everyone a few days to rest and relax.  The second part of the trip, which begins tomorrow, is in a more tourist area with lots of activities.

We haven’t done much the last two days but hang out at the house, but that was the idea.

Day 3 – The Earthquake

Robin and I awoke early in the morning to the house shaking.  The house always moves a little, so we didn’t think much of it.  Not until we were asked on Facebook if the earthquake reached us did I look it up and discover there was indeed an earthquake at that time.  I was a 4.9 magnitude quake centered 18 miles from us.  Now I can say I’ve felt my first earthquake.



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